About Me



LuLaRoe Retailer

Former Photographer (hence the domain name, not going to change it just in case I ever start up again).

Dog-Mom to Daisy & Addy (my inspiration for the blog name. I say “Shut Up, Daisy” at least 100 times a day. She’s a coon hound, and she’s a master barker).


Subscription Box Addict

Lover of good food and good beer

Writer (or wannabe)


If you are here, just know that this blog will be a little bit of everything. Book reviews, subscription box reviews, rants and raves, a diary, a think-tank. Nothing is off the table. I look forward to actually getting back to writing. I need a place to lay it all out, and a regular diary just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Welcome to my life. It’s a crazy one, so hold on.

Welcome to the madhouse.