Pre-K Graduation

I’m going to admit, before I had kids I was one of those parents that was like,

“Yay, your kid “graduated” pre-k….we all don’t need to hear about it”.

But then I had my own kids.

Audrie never went to Preschool, we were moving around when she was that age, and she’s an August baby, so met the cut-off for Kindergarten. But Lincoln; Lincoln needed Pre-K. Although I was a SAHM with him, we didn’t do much “schooling”. I didn’t make him write his name or do school, we PLAYED. I’m thanking God every day for his teachers at Emerado Elementary. They have been nothing short of amazing with Lincoln.

I remember when we were all a little worried he wouldn’t get his name down this year. He has a tough one, his whole name is pretty long. And that darn silent “L”. Gets him every time. But I’ve seen a boy grow up this year. He plays better with other kids, he sings songs and tells me everything he’s learned. And man, was he excited to graduate today.

And I only cried a little. Just a tear or two.

Next year, I’ll get to see him graduate Kindergarten. And then in 13 short years, I’ll watch him walk across the stage for HS graduation. I’m not looking forward to that, because it’s going to go by so, so fast. But as he sits at my feet while I type, telling me the difference between “big”, “medium” and “small”, I’m just going to cherish his sweet voice, his little hand in mine.

He may not want to kiss me anymore, but he’s still my baby. Although he likes to be called “sushi” now 🙂


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