12 Years

12 years.

2 kids.

4 dogs.

7 homes.

4 bases.

3 deployments

I don’t even know how many TDY’s

It’s been a crazy 12 years. Every wedding anniversary sneaks up on us, it just all goes by in a blink of an eye. We just hung out as a family yesterday; we went to lunch, the park, and then on a hike that was an absolute epic fail.

Audrie didn’t want to, she didn’t wear the right clothing and her “knees hurt”.

Lincoln was hot.

We ended up going for an hour, and when we crested the last “hill” (let’s be real, we are in North Dakota), I looked down and saw my back car door hanging wide open. Like, can my kids just shut a door!? (no, no they cannot). Thankfully I had thought to lock my wallet in the glove compartment!

Yesterday was also the first time I’ve used my camera since January. It was a hard winter here, so I didn’t take photographs. It was toooooooooo cold. I forgot what it was like to have it in my hands. It made me sad, because I know I probably won’t do it professionally anymore. But it also made me super happy, because I can still capture the photos that matter most: my family. I got Audrie’s scorn, Lincoln’s silliness. Travis being a good daddy and “showering” his kids with water so they didn’t DIIIIIIEEEEEEE (“mom, we are DYYYYINNNNGGG”). Only downside—we never get pictures of me!

After our “hike”, we came home, I napped, and then read on the porch for FOUR hours. I didn’t work. I didn’t do anything but feed my soul. It felt so amazing, I intend to never work a Sunday ever again. I need a “me” day. A “family first” day. Don’t we all?

Ended the night playing Trouble with Lincoln.

Currently thinking of throwing out all board games. #kiddoesnotliketolose.


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