Binford, ND

Today I ran away. I ran from responsibility, from kids saying “mom” 50 times before 9AM. I ran from my computer, from my home.


Because, holy crap, I was going to explode. I’m home alone 90% of the time now, and when I am I’m working and cleaning and getting ready for dinner. I’m constantly making lists of things that need to get done and things that need to get picked up. I’m marking days off in the calendar for days off school, doing massive loads of laundry, sweeping away crumbs from the floor at least 10 times a day. And I was over it. I needed to escape.

So I did one of my favorite things; I went exploring. I found an amazing abandoned house, and ran to a small town called Binford, ND. I pulled in, not expecting much. I mean, it’s a town of around 187 people. I normally just take photos of things that catch my eye and get back on the road, but today I decided to go outside my comfort zone and walk into the bar.

I was a little embarrassed to be alone, but that quickly eased when I asked for a Coors (there’s not tap beer here, “big city” girl) and sat at the bar. I started talking to the bartender who asked about my camera, and a cute little older gentleman. I told them that I like to explore small towns in my free time, find things that not very many see or experience. They thought it was pretty cool. I thought they were pretty cool. No one had their cell phones out, and although it was only noon there were a handful of people there. I got some looks, but thankfully no one was unfriendly! I played some pull-tabs (a staple in a small bar in ND), had another beer, talked small towns I should visit next with the other patrons, and left. I tried to leave the bartender a $5 tip and she refused me! She said it was too much for getting me “two beers”.

On the way home I blasted my music, sang at the top of my lungs and rushed home to my babies.

Going away like this, for a few hours, exploring places that I normally would never step into, that’s “my church”. That’s my “break” and how I get my sanity back. Had I had my book (can’t believe I forgot my book!) I probably would have stayed and checked out the Binford Cafe! I’d love to take my kids and hubby there one day, I overheard someone say they loved the bacon, and, well, BACON.

I’d also like to head back because I couldn’t get down some of the roads and the bartender said they had THREE churches there, and I’m a sucker for churches. I’d love to see them, small towns have the best churches. I’d also like to head back before we leave because she said the mural on the side of the building wasn’t complete, they keep adding to it.

I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.

– Lucille Ball


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