A Re-branding

I’ve thought long and hard the last few days about where I want to take my photography business. I thought for about a day about just not doing it anymore, but my heart broke a little at the thought of not capturing moments for people anymore. And not being behind my camera would just be tragic.

So, I’m doing some re-branding! I will be closing my “studio”. It’s hard to take photographs in your home, especially the home we are in. It gets too hot, I’m always having to apologize for the dogs (even though they are kenneled), and I always have to kick my family out of the house. So I’ll be selling all my backdrops and focusing on another area of photography, one that makes my heart super happy: documentary/lifestyle photography.

What does that mean? It means all “sessions” will be done while I follow you around. I don’t want your family session to be somewhere we just find “pretty”. I want it to be at your favorite family hang out, doing the things that you love to do. Whether that’s at the park swinging your kids, at the lake fishing, or in your home making cookies. The possibilities are endless! And we will capture REAL LIFE moments, not moments where we can stack your kids in perfect size order and get everyone to smile their little smiles for the camera. I want you to put my photographs on a wall, and I want your wall to be filled with actual emotion.

Don’t get me wrong, we will still be getting some posed photographs, but they’ll be after the fun, after the kids have ran around and gotten a little more energy out. And I guarantee you, it will be a lot better than you would think. They’ll have real smiles and rosy little cheeks. They’ll have a glow in their eyes, instead of the bored, dull look of “just sit there and smile for Miss Katie!”

I’m not trying to dog on portrait photography. It’s been my focus for a year, and I took some amazing photographs for some amazing families. But in looking back at my sessions, my favorite photographs are the ones that I captured in between the poses, and that’s what I want to focus on going forward.

Can we still do mini-sessions? Absolutely. Want your St. Patrick Day themed session? Let’s do it! Let’s make shamrocks in your home, with the family all around the table crafting. I promise you’ll get more genuine photographs that way, then just bringing your kids over to sit in front of a shamrock background, forcing a smile because it’s hot and they’d rather be playing.

With this kind of photography, it will take longer than just the normal 30-40 minute sessions. It may take only an hour, it may take two. That will never be a problem for me, because I will only be doing one session a day. No more 3-4 sessions, that tends to wear me out! You’ll still get your photographs back in 24 hours, and you’ll probably get way more photos this way!

Pricing will also change; it will be based on time now instead of session.

I will also require a contract (a simple one, no crazy stuff here at Katie Jean Photography!)

The session fee will be low, because you will be required to print your photographs from my website (super easy to use!) I will walk all new clients through the process. You can print any size photograph, and have the ability to print canvases. My print lab, Bay Studios, in California, does an amazing job printing. They use professional, top of the line equipment, and you will not be disappointed. All of the canvases I have printed in the last year have been simply stunning, and I’ve not had one client be disappointed. Again, I will walk you through this process, and you are always more than welcome to see the canvases I’ve printed out and have hanging in my home!

I hope this doesn’t scare anyone off; it is not intended to be super expensive or time-consuming. But I think you’ll enjoy this type of photography more than you would first think, and I’m so, so excited about this new adventure! Below are some “documentary/lifestyle” photographs I have taken for clients in the last year! Please feel free to contact me with questions.


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