Fun In the Snow

So a few days ago I bought my kids some “snow markers”. I thought they were so cool, something fun to do outside in the snow besides building a snowman and throwing snowballs at each other. Lincoln was the only one that wanted to go out tonight, and a blast he had!

I got these at Target, pretty simple stuff. You put the powder in the bottle and fill it with water (yes, I know I could do this with food coloring). Then you shake shake shake (Lincoln’s favorite part). He ran outside and started spraying it EVERYWHERE. Like, on me, the house, the door, THE DOG. He said, “mom, Daisy is bleeding”…which I thought was real until I realize he used the red color. Stinker.

It lasted all of about 10 minutes, but he had a blast!

I’m so glad I have more time to do things like this with my kids. I’ve been spending too much time working at night, and not spending this time with them. It’s been weighing heavy on my heart, but I’m so glad things have rearranged themselves in my life and I can stop working so much at night and spending some much needed time with just them.

We aren’t going to get this time back, after all. Nothing else in the world matters but them. It’s taken me a long time to figure that out, and I’m so glad I did. I’m less exhausted, less stressed. I can run around and play with them instead of putting it off to tomorrow. Thank the lord for small little miracles!



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