Dunnehoo {Winter Mini}

I’ve known the Dunnehoo’s for a while, my kids go to school with theirs, and they are just the most lovely of families! Piper is one of my favorite kids, she’s one of the only kids here that isn’t afraid of my dogs, and she loves to chase them around and play. My oldest and their oldest are friends, and my daughter was super sad when she found out they wouldn’t be in the same class this year!

When they asked me to take their photos outside, I was more than happy to do so. See, we live in ND, and it’s COLD here. It snowed early this year, and the day we shot was absolutely freezing, but you can’t tell in these photos. I love love love that they asked to do some “aw man, we are stuck in ND and it’s cold and we don’t love it” poses. That’s real life right there, LOL.

We had a blast shooting, even though I couldn’t feel my fingers! I’m so happy with the “sister hug” I captured. Sisters are just the best, I miss mine fiercely. Pictures in the snow are becoming some of my favorite to do; although it’s generally cold and the camera freezes after so long, that white background is simply stunning, and really makes the colors of their outfits pop.

Thanks for bearing the cold with me guys, it was super fun!


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