Cucci {Christmas Mini}

I am REALLY behind in blogging. Like, almost 6 sessions! EEK!

But that’s ok, I have some time right now to write about one of my first winter sessions. And I’m absolutely infatuated with these pictures. Snow is hard to shoot in, because it just bounces the light everywhere. But, I’ve also found that it makes that creamy, soft background really pop and when my hands aren’t frozen, it’s super fun to shoot in! Especially when people wanna have a little snowball fight πŸ™‚

Thankfully the Cucci family were so flexible, we did have to take a small break because Violet’s little hands were so cold (as were mine!) But we had a blast, and although she wasn’t happy the whole time, she did love when mom and dad swung her! One happy baby picture is really all we needed πŸ™‚

I love getting to know more and more people around the base, and I’m glad photography allows me to capture these moments with their families. Military life brings so many people to you, and takes so many away. I’ll look back at all of these photos one day and remember each and every family, and each and every story.

Thanks guys, for coming out and having fun with me!


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