Schumaker {Wedding}

I’m six photo sessions behind in blogging! But man, is it good to be busy.

First up is the Schumaker wedding. Oh man, did I have a blast at this wedding. I met Megan through another friend, and I can honestly say that I just love her. I did her and Josh’s engagement photos a little over a year ago, and she hired me for her wedding shortly after. She couldn’t have had a more perfect day. She was literally surrounded by love.

The session started out with her rehearsal dinner, and I’m so glad she picked the venue she did. I got to spend two glorious nights in MN, at the most beautiful little hotel ever. Thank you, Megan and Josh, for that. And the “barn” they were married in was a dream. So, so beautiful.

It was COLD the day of their wedding, and it was super wet, so we couldn’t shoot completely outside, but we figured it out and everything turned out perfectly. At the end of the day, Josh and Megan became husband and wife, which is really the only thing that mattered. I try to tell my brides to just “let it go”, because it really doesn’t matter what happens the day of the wedding except saying “I do”.

I literally laid on the steps during their wedding. I hate being in the way of people seeing the bride and groom actually get married, so I try to make myself as small as possible. I love the way I captured them at the alter in some of these pictures, with the floor as the foreground. Makes it so beautiful.

There’s really not much more I can say. Because I’ll just start crying. Weddings are special. They are a time to celebrate two people; but also family. Love. Friendship. Hope. Change. Megan and Josh, I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness. One of my favorite photos from the day was when Josh saw Megan. His mouth dropped to the floor, and no wonder, because she was absolutely stunning.

Be happy. Fight. Laugh. Dance. Smile. Cry. Go to bed angry. (Yes, I said that). Then wake up and know that sometimes, it’s ok to be mad. Because love is more than that. And your love will overcome all that. Swear. Kiss. Watch stupid movies together. Walk away. Come together. Be. Just be.

When life takes over, and schedules get busy. When kids come into the picture (or not). Just be. Don’t lose your love. Remember, every day, why you chose to marry each other. Because it was a choice. And a commitment. For better or worse. And there’s going to be a lot of “worse”. But the “better” makes up for it all.

And remember how much love you have in your circle. I saw it on your wedding day. Those people in your life, they are special people. You have a great “tribe”.

I’m so, so happy I got to be a part of your day. I love you both, and may God bless the future you have together!


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