Deneseus {Family Lifestyle}

This was my third shoot with the Deneseus family, I did their maternity and fresh 48 as well. And let me just say, I enjoy Olivia so much! She has so, so much personality. She’s a diamond in the rough, that’s for sure. And my, has Vivian grown. Seems like just yesterday I was going to the hospital room to meet her.

We had planned to do photos outside, but man did mother nature screw that plan up. It was pretty cold this morning, but thankfully they have an amazing tree in their yard and we ran out for a few snaps. Poor Vivian, she just wouldn’t look at me and boy, that little pout at the end! Olivia was “laughing” and it was the funniest sound!

Olivia got her cupcake, too, just like when we did the Fresh 48. Bribes work people! 🙂

I enjoy doing lifestyle photography the most out of all of it. Give me all the real smiles and giggles and not just the poses. I feel like when you just follow people around with your camera instead of posing them, the photos show true emotion and love. That photo of Vivian in her daddy’s arms just makes me swoon! He was rubbing her cheek and she gave just the smallest smile. And I got it! That doesn’t happen when I just tell dad to stand there!

Overall, I loved this session. I roll with whatever punches come my way with photography, the weather is always unpredictable. Buy your home is always a great backdrop for photos!


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