Kowalski {Family}

Oh my goodness, Mr. Dexter is just the cutest thing! I wish you all could have heard this little boy. Every time we snapped a picture, he would walk away and proclaim, “I’m done”. He did not want to be there at all, but that’s part of the fun of my job….figuring out how to make them sit and stay for a min. There may have been some Barney and promises of the park involved.

I LOVE taking pictures in the fall. There’s literally no “bad” place to do them. Find some trees and take your photos around 6PM right now and you’re golden! Literally, golden. My phone has been blowing up with session requests, and my heart is just so overjoyed. To have people tell me how much they love their sessions is just the best.

Especially when they don’t compare me to others. It’s so nice to just hear, “I love your work”. I study hard at this craft, and making people smile just makes my world go round. Finding that thing that a client finds hilarious is everything to me, because I want a natural smile, not a forced one.

I have three sessions this weekend, and I can guarantee you they will all be different. I usually go in with a list of what “poses” I want, but in the end I just capture the life. I capture the meltdowns (which don’t always get included, but I love to see anyway), the happy moments, the perfectly posed moments, and the in-between. The hugs, the kisses, the laughs. Those are what I shoot for.

So when I tell clients “dad put your arm here and mom put your arm here and baby you sit here”, and I pose you and make it all nice, I love it when I move back and something moves or someone gives someone a look like, “this lady for real?” and THAT’S what I capture. Those are the moments I want you to hang on your wall and make into Christmas cards. Just about anyone can photograph you standing still and smiling, it takes an artist to capture the in-between, the important moments. The kids throwing rocks into the pond and turning around to wave goodbye at you. The kids throwing leaves even though you said, “not yet, I’m not ready”. I get ready, and I get ready quick, because I’m an artist. And I love love love my job.



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