Hesse {Family}

Can we just discuss how PERFECT fall is? The colors, the leaves, the temperature. Maybe not the wind, but I’ll take it a little breezy if I can get these oranges and yellows and purples, any day. I am in love with this family session!

I would like to thank the Hesse family for being flexible! Since weather changes so quickly here, had we done it at the time scheduled, we may have gotten rained on. So a bit thank-you for coming out early!

And what a great, quick session it was. I try to work faster when kids are involved, they tend to not want to take photos for longer than 20/30 min. And you can see in the one, Sam just wasn’t having it. Had I known a pumpkin would make her happy, I may have given it to her sooner! 🙂 Thankful for grandma and grandpa, who stood behind me singing and probably making some silly faces to get the kids to smile. Always appreciate the help!

And after today’s session, I got to do something super fun! I went on a “junk” hop. I visited 10 antique stores today, in 6 hours. It was a TON of driving, but it was so much fun, and so relaxing. Hopefully I’ll win the grand prize for going to all the stores. I found some amazing items, and I enjoyed talking to local women business owners. It was really nice to see more of North Dakota (it’s not all flat!) too.

I may have to get back to Walhallah soon, it’s so hilly and amazingly beautiful right now.


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