Merck {Family}

Well, today was the perfect day all around, for photos. Lincoln’s cake smash was perfection, and then tonight’s family session with the Merck family was just glorious. The sun was just starting to dip down, and it gave the most beautiful glow behind them.

And Elizabeth and Rosie were just so fun to capture. And apparently, Starbursts and bubbles will get them to smile for at least a few seconds! Rosie wasn’t having it as much as Elizabeth was, but they were troopers. They made my job pretty easy.

And Lindy. Oh goodness, Lindy. Her eyes just sparkled when she scooped her kids up for a picture or looked at her husband. Family goals, for sure with this family! So much love and giggles.

Perfect ending to the session….a little peek-a-boo, and a sister hug. Well, at least one of them wanted to hug 🙂

Thanks for coming out Merck family, and for having fun despite the bees! Great to meet all of you, and Lindy, that dress was made for you! 🙂


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