Rodriguez {Wedding}

Today’s wedding wasn’t the typical affair. Nadine and Rafi planned their wedding quickly, due to military obligations. When she asked me to be their photographer, I didn’t even hesitate. I’d do just about anything for my friends, and I know how sometimes military life can throw you for a loop and plans change quickly.

And oh man, it was the PERFECT day to get married. University Park was beautiful, Nadine’s German dress was stunning, Rafi looked handsome in his suit, and their friends that could join them were nothing short of the best.

And her flowers. Swoon!

It was literally the shortest wedding I’ve ever been to. Start to finish was 15 min. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. What mattered was that these two got to get married and worry about one less thing. Nadine’s mom and dad were Skyped through from Germany, and her mom shed a few tears. I shed a few tears….I always do at weddings, but can hide behind my camera!

Afterwards we went to grab a late lunch and have a few beers, and I laughed until my belly hurt. Nadine and Rafi have some great friends, and I’m so glad they made it to their day. Now, since the only singles were guys, we had a little fun with the bouquet toss! Love that they were good sports willing to have some fun!

Overall, great day. Happy day. Love day. Can’t get any better than that!


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