Lincoln {Cake Smash}

Last month Audrie turned 8. This month (Friday), Lincoln turns 5. Where the heck did my babies go?!?! Seriously, I was just bringing them home from the hospital yesterday!


But man, are they growing up to be amazing, albeit challenging, children. They have two completely different personalities, but both keep us on our toes. Lincoln, man, what can I say about him.

He’s destructive. Like, extremely. Can’t leave the house clean for more than 20 min. Always into something. Even the pantry. No sugar molecule is safe! Not from his mouth, or his imagination. Seriously….the other day I went to his room and there was brown sugar EVERYWHERE. Like he had a party with it. I just shake my head with him.

And his FALLS. He falls all.the.time. He fell on the way to his cake smash. He’s already broken his elbow, and sprained his foot. He’s a walking time-bomb, we never know when he’s going to get hurt.

But his LAUGH. It melts my friggin’ heart. It’s so, so contagious. This morning he was on dad’s computer and he started laughing and belting out a song by Thomas Rhett. I couldn’t get it on camera, he sang it too fast. But it was hilarious. He’s always silly. Or crying. Never serious.

And let’s not even discuss his hatred of underwear. The kid never wants to wear it. (Neither do, really). If we go out of the house, I think the thing I say to them the most is, “are you wearing underwear?”

I would not change these kids for anything in the world. Lincoln is smart and funny and courageous. Audrie is imaginative, talkative, and emotional. They are the reason I get up and hustle every day. They are the reason I work 70 plus hours a week, trying to make sure they know that if you want something, you have to work hard for it. (Ok, they are a little spoiled, but I’m trying). I hope they learn as much from me, as I’ve learned from them.

Happy (almost) birthday, Lincoln. And if you could, just stay 5 forever, for your mommy.


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