Lewis {Fresh 48}

Oh, Zelda! You’re absolutely perfect, with your little button nose and small dimple under your eye!

I had the honor of shooting the Lewis’ newest addition today! I picked her up, and man it felt like I was in heaven. I absolutely love love love babies! Like, I could eat them up! (why do we say that?? LOL) Don’t worry Zelda, I don’t want to really eat you, I don’t want to have to go through your big brothers! 🙂

But for real, that thick brown hair, her perfect fingers and toes. Her father’s obvious glow when he walked into the room to pick her up. It was all perfection. And the sun was shinning outside, so everything was done with natural light.

Overall, a successful session! Only brother Link wanted anything to do with baby, the other two wanted to explore moms room. That’s ok, I think we got one picture with each member of the family, and some pretty awesome ones of just Zelda, so I’m over the moon.

Happy second day in the world, Zelda! You’re going to grow up fiercely protected. 🙂


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