Guthmiller’s Went Camping {Kinda}

Happy Labor Day everyone! What a weekend we Guthmiller’s had!

Friday started out amazing, we all felt fine (except for my allergies). I got off work, we finished packing up the camper, and we headed to a campsite near Alexandria, MN to camp with my in-laws. Start cuing in the sad music.

Friday night was ok, but it was rainy. Got to the campsite, had some good burgers and a few beers, then went to sleep pretty early. Here’s where it gets hairy.

Woke up Saturday, we ALL had sore throats. Every time I swallowed it felt like pins sliding down my throat. My husband never gets it as bad as I did, and the kids fought like little champs. I, however, felt like someone was trying to squeeze the life out of me. I stayed in bed for almost 24 hours!

Then Sunday, I wake up, feeling a little better, but the hubs is down for the count. Kids are still trying to fight it tooth and nail. Travis ended up sleeping most of the day, and I tried to drink it out of me with some bud light. I was literally sweating all day. Like, I’m sure I stuck something fierce.

Then it gets EVEN better. Poor Lincoln got bit by some nasty bugs, his whole face was pretty swollen, and then he fell off the monkey bars and couldn’t walk. It was like the perfect storm!

We all woke up feeling better this morning, but poor Lincoln had to make an ER trip for his foot when we got home. It’s not broken, thank the Lord, but he’s got a sprain and won’t put weight on his foot. Needless to say, it’s early to bed for everyone tonight!

Overall, Labor Day weekends have been better for us, but we are all on the mend. I didn’t get the pictures I wanted to, the campsite was so pretty! I wanted to walk the trials and get some better pictures of the kids, but the cards were not in out favor. Who knows where we will be next Labor Day, but if we get to go back I hope it’s a better stay!



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