Ingram {Newborn}

Welcome to the world, Murphy! I had the pleasure of meeting the Ingram’s today. And boy, is their older daughter, Eulalie, as sweet as sugar! She called me “lady” the whole time, but then at the end started calling me “Katie” and her little voice is just pure fun.

We all know lifestyle is my jam. I LOVE it. I don’t do the posy-pose newborn photography. I don’t really have the space for it, and I’d rather capture everyone, not just baby. A baby enters a family, and I like to photograph the whole kit and caboodle. I like to capture real life. Smiles, in-between moments when no one is expecting it.

And can we talk about how amazing the names Murphy and Eulalie are?!? I did a double take when I heard them, they are so unique! And Murphy’s hair is no joke. There’s a ton of it! My kids didn’t have any hair until they were about two, so it’s fun to see all these little babies with their full heads of hair. I hope she keeps her brown locks, they just suit her.

I loved the old, antique cradle they had, the beautiful blanket on the bed, the amazing carnations (that Eulalie ripped apart…I mean, who wants to take photos when you can murder the flowers??). I think we promised her cake 15 times (I hope she got it!).

I just loved this whole session. The brightness we got (even if it was cloudy), the laughter from Eulalie, the big, bright eyes from Murphy. Dads tenderness, Moms sweet kisses. All of it. It was exactly what I wanted for this shoot.

Big thanks to the Ingram’s for having me in their home today!


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